What does Complaining do?

We all go through different situations in life. Whenever we are faced with a situation, there’s one common trap we fall into – see why we got into that situation, pick a “person” responsible for it and continue to blame that “person”. That “person” need not be an individual or any creature always…can even be God or even your fate! Once we fix the responsibility, we then begin to focus on identifying the events that lead us into that situation and figuring out how that “person” caused that event to happen.

This incessant blaming gives undue importance to that situation and thus making it larger than life!

Instead, whenever you’re in a situation, follow these three steps –

  • Understand what happened – not who did it
  • Identify the next steps
  • Focus your energies on executing the next steps

A lot of times, you are so consumed by the event that you find it difficult to follow the above steps. In that event, seek the help of a coach.

So, what does complaining do…

Complaining successfully turns a Situation into a Problem!




  1. Certainly, yes. Complaining takes us to complication rather than problem solving . Its wise to stay focussed and look at whats next..


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