Breaking the Patterns…

We often go through different situations in life…situations where have to take decisions. Often our mind links them to our past experiences. Once the linkage happens, it begins to connect the dots.

This is where a part of our mind tells us “you’ve seen this before. Now go ahead and do as you did before.”

The other part of our mind, often a very meek voice, tells us “Why not do something different?”

Often, it’s the former that wins this battle and we end up doing what we did before.

Once we finish doing this, we keep wondering why we always have to go through this and why our lives aren’t changing / improving.

Now, the question that we need to ask ourselves is “if I keep doing what I did before, can the result be any different?”

For a different result, a different action is needed which in turn needs a different thought.

Remember, if you want to break the ceiling…you’ve to break the pattern!

When was it the last time that you broke a pattern?




  1. Such an eye-opener fa me at the moment. Application of influencing skills really helps here. 😌 Thank you fa an awsum thought. Worth a read today. 😇


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