Great Idea?

I was at my brother’s house a few days back. His dog fell sick – a stomach bug. One of my friends, a dog owner, told me that dogs tend to eat grass during such times. While I passed on the information to my brother, I wasn’t sure if it was backed up by scientific research.

So, I began looking it up in the web but I didn’t come across any definitive paper on that. Then I realized that the animals are closer to nature – many can even identify the threat that is yet to come. Guess, science is yet to catch up.

On the other hand, we humans, who are a far more evolved species (at least we think so!) need tons of gadgets and apparatus to identify natural charges. We questioned the nature and genetically modified the crops after extensive research – only to realize that such things are more harmful. After seeing the damages that it caused, we are now going back to where we originated…organic and traditional farming. So, Organic food business isn’t a great idea – it’s how we are meant to be.

Isn’t it what happens when we try to improve without learning?

In an effort to improve, we forgot that we need to understand the creation first.

We come across similar things happening on a daily basis – improvement ideas start springing up even before it’s understood.

What is your experience with this?




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