Being Emotionally Intelligent…5/6

If you have decided to express the emotion, the next step is to determine how to express it – how, when and where. Before proceeding, I recommend reading the previous posts, if you haven’t already. Expressing the emotion is dependant on the type of emotion, the recipient, the environment and you. The expression can be by way of written and/or oral. These days, with technology, you have other options as well – audio, video, social media status updates (yes!) and so on.

If you observe, other than when talking to the person, every other way is one way. I mean, when you speak, you are involving the recipient as well in the expression. All the other forms are a one-way expression.

The advantage of a conversation is that the message can be altered during the delivery – depending on the reaction of the recipient. All the other forms of expression are like an arrow that’s being shot – you can’t alter it’s course once it leaves. So, you’ll be oblivious of the recipient’s reaction. However, it has its own advantages. If you are better at writing than speaking, then use it in critical situations. Hence, one should carefully evaluate the options before expressing.



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