How are you looking at things?

*** Story Source – Unknown ***

One day, a shepherd is getting his sheep back home after grazing. One of his sheep falls into a deep pit. Upon seeing it, the farmer realises that it’s a very old one. He feels that it isn’t very useful for him – so instead of taking all the efforts to save it, he decides to bury it alive in the pit. He gets a spade and begins to fill the pit with mud. The sheep, who was expecting the shepherd to rescue, is perplexed with the mud falling over it and trying to cover it. The sheep then begins to shake off every time the mud falls it over and step on the new layer forming in the pit. The shepherd realises his stupidity and begins to pour in mud so the sheep can come out. Eventually, the sheep comes out.


My takeaways from the above story:

  1. We all face issues and challenges in life. There will be times when things get tougher for us as we are facing challenges – just as the shepherd was initially dumping mud to bury it alive. 
  2. Sometimes, the threats we face can be converted into opportunities – all one needs is a shift in the way to look at things. Just as the sheep used the mud falling on it to its advantage.
  3. The world is full of good people – they’ll help you when you’re in need, just as the shepherd did after he realised his folly. Never hesitate to help / take help. Having a coach is a sure-shot way to get help when needed.

What are your takeaways? Share so we learn together.




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